canvasResize - Issues converting base64 string to image file (PHP)

Apr 6, 2016

I had to use canvasResize (jQuery plugin) to resize images before uploading them to the server. The plugin returns a base64 string that I was trying to convert to an image on the PHP server without success. After way too much time mucking around I discovered that the string was containing text at the start that meant it was not valid base64. This was possibly being added by the canvasResize plugin though that is speculation at this stage.

I resolved the issue by using string replace to remove the extraneous text of "data:image/jpeg;base64,". See below for sample of code used:
str_replace("data:image/jpeg;base64,", "", $base64String);

Wordpress 3 - Adding posts to custom menus

Sep 14, 2015

After spending a large amount of time looking for how to add posts to a menu in Wordpress and at the same time bashing my head into a wall (no blood involved), I finally figured out that when using the custom menus in Wordpress 3 you can select the screen options at the top of the page and choose posts (or whatever else floats your boat). I have decided to put a post here for future reference due to the effort it took to find the information.


Pulse CMS - Gallery thumbnails not displaying on server

Jul 16, 2015

I have been having issues lately with the gallery thumbnails not displaying correctly on a Pulse CMS based website. The issue appears to be linked to the cache folder that is used by TimThumb to create thumbnails for gallery images. The thumbnails work perfectly on my localhost though can stop working when making changes to gallery items on the server. Usually this can be resolved by changing the permissions of the cache folder on the server (inc/plugins/cache) to '777' and then removing it's contents.

Pushing the site contents from a git repository seems to cause issues when compared to FTP'ing the files directly and I am yet to figure out why this would affect folder permissions.

The best resource I have found so far regarding this issue is The Buzz Media Blog, specifically ''.

Pulse CMS - Adding captions to galleries

May 24, 2015

Captions can be added to galleries by either using the admin portion of the site or by placing a text file in the gallery folder. The file will need to be named gallery.txt and contain the list of captions in the following format:
e.g. file00014200669.jpg||This is a caption.

Wordpress - Building your own Contact Us form

Feb 27, 2015

How To Build Your Own WordPress Contact Form and Why